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Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is fast approaching and it always seems like its hard to come up with great ideas for music-related costumes. Here are some Halloween costume ideas to guide you towards selecting a costume thats not only cool, but one that stands out from the crowd.

If you’re a big fan of Kiss and totally into Ace Frehley then check out some Kiss Costumes for Halloween. This mask in particular looks pretty amazing, even though it is somewhat pricey. All you need are some black pants (preferably leather), and a guitar to go with this.

Ace Frehley Kiss Costume Halloween

Gothic Costumes are perfect for dressing up as something rock-related. For example, Women can pull off Amy Lee from Evanescence or even Siouxsie (from Siouxsie & The Banshees).

Goth Costume Halloween

Ladies aren’t the only ones that can get away with a Goth Costume for Halloween. It’s easy for guys to do as well. There are a number of different people you could choose to be, but a simple, relatively inexpensive option is Robert Smith of The Cure. For a Robert Smith Costume, all you need is a black shirt, black pants, eyeliner and messy black hair. If you don’t have the hair naturally, you can easily find Halloween wigs.

Robert Smith of The Cure Costume

Now of course if you are gonna dress up as one of your favorite musicians you’re gonna need a guitar to go with your costume. While you may already own one, its probably best to look into buying a Prop Guitar. You don’t really want to lug around your 59′ Les Paul or vintage Strat while collecting candy.

Prop Guitar, Halloween Costume Ideas

Being a Nirvana fan I think that a Kurt Cobain Costume can end up looking pretty cool. It’s fairly simple, all you need is a blonde wig (you could even add a goatee for a more authentic Seattle look), a flannel shirt, jeans and some chuck taylors. If you have a Fender mustang, stratocaster or telecaster you could use that as part of your costume but really any guitar would work, like the Prop guitar above.

Kurt Cobain Costume

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