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Rage Against The Machine - New Album

Zack De La Rocha

Rage Against The Machine surprised a lot of people when they reformed for Coachella 2007. The band was reported to have been payed over $1 million for reforming and playing. After that reunion was successful, (Coachella drew around 100,000 the day Rage played) the band have been consistently playing only high-profile and high-paying festivals. They have not mounted a proper tour of their own or played any headlining shows.

The band has a whole slew of European festivals coming up, including the huge Reading and Leeds festivals in the UK and Lollapalooza in Chicago. Lately, there have been rumors of the band possibly going into the studio to write and record a new album. So far, most of that speculation has been internet rumors on message boards and blogs (like this one), but from the looks of things I’d most likely say they are untrue. Here’s why I don’t think we’ll hear new Tom Morello Whammy pedal guitar parts anytime soon…

The fact that the band hasn’t mounted their own tour and has chosen to only play festivals shows that they’re more into the idea of the money they can make, more than creating new music and/or making a statement. I don’t even know if any of the bands fans still buy into all of their political stuff, but it seems fairly obvious to me the band really doesn’t care about this all that much anymore (besides maybe Tom Morello).

Just from what I’ve seen and heard it doesn’t seem like fans will be getting a new Rage album anytime soon. The band’s tour dates are as follows…

  • 30 May - ELECTRIC WEEKEND - Getafe (Madrid)
  • 1 June - PINKPOP 2008
  • 2 June - Antwerp, Belgium
  • 4 June - Paris, France
  • 6 June - Rock Am Ring Festival
  • 7 June - Rock Im Park Festival
  • 10 June - ZITADELLE
  • 12 June - Sweden - Hultsfred Festival
  • 14 June - Italy - Modena Stadium
  • 15 June - Nickelsdorf/Burgenland - NOVA ROCK
  • 10 July - Optimus Alive!08 - Oeiras - Lisbon
  • 12 July - Scottland - T in the Park
  • 13 July - Ireland - OXEGEN
  • 1-3 August - Lollapalooza 2008 - Chicago, IL
  • 20 August - France - Rock en Seine
  • 22 August - England - Reading Festival
  • 23 August - England - Leeds Festival
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Posted on May 28, 2008 in Bands, Concerts, Guitar, News
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1 Taylor { 05.28.08 at 3:26 pm }

true dat. double true!

2 cherrycola { 06.04.08 at 11:42 am }

in my opinion they are playing festivals so they can reach a wider audience who would not necessarily know about their message, at pinkpop before their gig they had a tibetan monk on stage giving a speech, Zack and Tom are still heavily involved in political activism, if they did a proper tour they would just be preaching to the converted… anyway they never got paid alot the first time around so they should be entitled to make some money from their work, just like any other artist out there, although, they’ll probably use it for something more worthwhile than a 50cent style crib…

3 patrick { 06.10.08 at 11:25 am }

Why do you say the fans don’t buy into their political stuff? If you TRULEY like Rage, then you must buy into their political meaning. If you say you just like the sound, but not the lyrics, then you really don’t know what the heck you’re talking about. They last asked Tom whether they were in studio, and he choose not to comment. That doesn’t mean that there definitely recording, but it means their is a slight chance. Oh well, if they haven’t made their own tour, yet. I’m not sure if any of the band really wanted that to begin with. It looks like they enjoyed each other, the more shows they did, and now they are performing, basically touring, all summer at big events. Most are in Europe, but thats no big deal. I’m just happy they’re back, and hopefully, fingers crossed, that eventually they will release a new album. It would help my spirits.

4 TShea { 06.18.08 at 2:30 pm }

That really pisses me off… who are you to say that the fans arent buying the political stuff..ur a joke bro. Your exaclty the type of ppl they sing about, blind and ignorant. Rage wants the world to know about whats going on. You think you live in such an amazing country? America thinks they have all this power, yet they use that power in a negitive way. in the us theres estimated 15 million children living in poverty thats one in four. yet our country does nothing, but send out 1000s of dollars in well fair checks to people who are fully capable of working. America goes to Iraq to look like heros yet we only go for the oil while thousands die a day in darfur, Robert B. Zoellick Deputy Secretary of State stated that 60,000 to 160,000 had died in darfur, a number that dramatically understates the true scale of the killing. but and we do nothing but watch and collect our money.. rage talks about issuses like that, lets see your little weak ass pop bands like fall out boy write a song as powerful as Sleep now in the fire. Your a joke man, before you run your mouth and disrespect one of the most powerful bands to ever come out, know your info, and yes Rage Will come out with a new Album, Mark my words…..

5 Guitar Bassman { 06.18.08 at 3:49 pm }

Apparently my post here pissed off some people. My comments had more to do with the reformation of Rage, rather than what the band previously did. I think all their albums are great (except the throwaway covers record Renegades). I think Zach De La Rocha has written some amazing lyrics, and the band are excellent musicians. They still might sound great live, I don’t really know.

My point is, if you think they reformed to deliver some political message, you’re just naive and young. The reformation of the band had a lot to do with something called $money$. Also, while I do commend Rage for taking a stand against issues, they are incredibly hypocritical. Standing up for all of these causes, while playing music festivals sponsored by AT&T, General Motors, Bud Light, Citigroup, etc, etc…corporation’s that do everything they speak-out against.

This isn’t news to me or anyone who follows independent, DIY or underground music, but I still think a lot of people don’t see how contradictory they are. The majority of the bands audience at shows are frat guys in the pit hitting each other, who probably don’t even know what Zach De La Rocha is talking about. This is mainstream America, this is Rage’s primary audience.

Sorry to spoil the fantasy for you. Oh, and just for the record…I’ve never posted or written about Fall Out Boy once on this site. Thank you and have a nice day.

6 C. Kelso { 06.24.08 at 10:07 pm }

Why would RATM kick off a tour of their own when they have no new albm to support it? It doesn’t make any sense to speculate why they haven’t started their own tour. I’m pretty sure if they did come out with a new album then they would support it by going on tour as the headlining band.

RATM is a touchy subject. Their polotical views aren’t fake or some kind of cover-up. They’re a real deal and very serious band. Alot of the money they make goes back into donations or support funds, so you can’t call them out for being sell outs.

There’s always two sides to a story. Don’t be so eager to point your finger.

7 James Keenan { 09.01.08 at 1:54 pm }

Oh and Im sure their hurting for cash…

Zack and Tom are socialists.

Zack and Tom have “One Day as a Lion” and “The Nightwatchmen” respectivly.

Im sure their hurting for cash considering how big Rage was in the 90’s and how often Rage gets played on mainstream radio nowadays.

8 Guitar Bassman { 09.02.08 at 12:38 pm }

I never said they were hurting for cash, I was implying that they are greedy. Thanks.

9 Anna { 09.08.08 at 9:32 am }

I really would be very happy if they would release a new album followed by an european tour. I saw them in Paris some weeks ago, they were fucking great. I was looking forward seeing them since so long. I would go right now again. I tink it’s the first big band who gives important messages like they do, that I see live (apart from bands from my sall country). Of course they get money for that, but appart from singing and playing they also educate somehow; if every single fan of them would do something like they do just to change a bit this sistem, maybe we would have a small change in this world. R.A.T.M. is not only music, people should be aware of that.

10 Anna { 09.08.08 at 9:33 am }

sorry, I meant “think”, and “small” country

11 kalle { 09.16.08 at 4:49 pm }

@ Guitar Bassman “The majority of the bands audience at shows are frat guys in the pit hitting each other, who probably don’t even know what Zach De La Rocha is talking about.”

so true. went to berlin in june and saw rage. lot of punks not knowing shit about anything, not interested in anything else than jumping around screaming “fuck you I wont do what you tell me”, just ’cause it’s the only rage frase they know. saved up all the money I could get while working during the summer and went to paris and saw them again in august. awesome, but still all the fucking idiots everywhere drinking beer and pushing people around.

of course money plays a big part in their tour. but regarding the festivals that they play on. seriously, are there ANY festivals which aren’t sponsored by coca cola etc? and the widest audience is found at music festivals.

I come from a working class home, and I would call myself a socialist. but I don’t see what’s wrong in making money (and maby lots of it), when you work hard and honest for it. the bad thing about making loads of money is when you try to make profit out of lesser fortunate people (as in huge corporations using child labour and having workers do tons of work for practically nothing). but has rage done that in order to become successful? people have to learn how to separate just money from the ways of making money.

as for a new album, fingers crossed!

peace from malmö, Sweden

12 De-VIANT-nation! { 09.24.08 at 12:24 pm }

You all sit and wait until the day comes and you see what great things they do. Logically speaking if they are in the studio they are waiting until they go into next season to finalize the lp and get a tour scheduled and ready b/c cmon they are organized it takes time, but we have right now. speak out before this election and let the world know what we are dealing with and what the past has brought. did anyone hear of the concert that was played at the RNC that night think about it. you should have been there i should have been there. and we all can do something.

13 Guitar Bassman { 09.24.08 at 1:12 pm }

You’re totally right about getting, and making some difference. If anyone takes anything away from rage that’d be the best thing they could.

14 Eric { 12.23.08 at 8:53 pm }

hah stop bickering, who cares? RATM was one of the most iconic bands of the 90’s, De la rocha is a landmark just like vedder or Cobain, we all lived it and besides - it’s music. whose to say what the message is or was or whose right its not what the music conveys its what it means to you that matters. Now I’m not De la Rocha’s publicist or anything but I’m pretty sure that he wouldn’t want you guys bickering over what he meant, just take what you learned from him and go out there and do something about it.

15 moley { 01.13.09 at 9:33 am }

can any one tell me rage against the machines latest album ???gott to get a pressie. cheers

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